Friday, August 15, 2014

Stair Components and Terminology

To watch the video on this subject go to ‘Stair Components and Terminology’

Rise Of Flight
The rise of flight is the vertical distance between the finished floor levels (F.F.L) or landings.

Going of Flight
This is the horizontal distance from the face of the first Riser to the face of the last Riser.

String or Stringer
Designed to carry the load of the stairs, there can be 1, 2 or even 3 for wide stairs. They normally form the side of the stairs however they can also be placed underneath.

The part that you step on.

The Riser or Riserboard closes the gap between the Treads. Normally omitted in External or Industrial stairs.

Newel Post
This is the upright post attached to the Stringer which supports the Handrail.

Runs Parallel to the Stringer a minimum of 865mm vertically from the margin line. It provides support for the users.

The vertical members that fill in the space between the Handrail and the Stringer.

This is the Handrail, Balusters, Newel Posts and other components that form the Handrail combined.

Rise of Step

This is the distance from the top pf one Tread to the top of the next.

Going of Step
This is the distance from the front on one tread to the front of the next.

This is the distance from the edge of the stringer to the point of the treads.

Tie Rods
Used to tie the stringers together so they don't separate over time. Spaced every 1350mm along the length of the Stringer.

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